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Affiliate Disclosure

Omega+ TV App may engage in affiliate marketing partnerships with third-party companies and services to earn commission on qualifying purchases made through affiliate links or promotions. This Affiliate Disclosure page outlines how affiliate marketing works on our platform.

Affiliate Relationships

When you click on an affiliate link or promotional offer within Omega+ TV App and make a purchase on the affiliated third-party website, we may earn a commission or receive compensation. These affiliate relationships allow us to generate revenue and support the ongoing development and maintenance of our app.


We are committed to transparency and integrity in our affiliate marketing practices. Please note the following:

• Affiliate Links: Affiliate links are clearly identified as such within our app. You will be informed when you are clicking on an affiliate link that may result in us earning a commission.

• No Extra Cost: Clicking on an affiliate link or using an affiliate promotion does not result in any additional cost to you as the user. The price you pay remains the same whether you use an affiliate link or not.

• Objectivity: Our recommendations and promotions are based on the quality, relevance, and value of the products or services to our users. Affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content or recommendations.

Affiliate Disclosure Consent

By using Omega+ TV App and interacting with affiliate links or promotions, you acknowledge and consent to our affiliate marketing practices as described in this Affiliate Disclosure page.

Feedback and Questions

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns regarding our affiliate marketing practices or this Affiliate Disclosure, please contact us at

Thank you for your support and understanding of Omega+ TV App's affiliate relationships.